Cosplay Repair Kit Essentials

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Hold up!  Wait a minute!  Breathe!  It’s okay, I just needed your attention for a minute.  Before you walk out that door and hit the convention floor I need to ask you a question.  Are you ready for the cosplay risks that are involved with this?  A little extra preparation never hurts.

One of the things any cosplayer will need is a Cosplay Repair Kit.  This will help prepare you for any unforeseen cosplay mishaps (ripped seams, stains, props falling apart, etc.).

  • Glue.  Fabric glue, hot glue, super glue, one of these (or all) will be in your kit.  Keep in mind different types of glue have different adhesive properties.  Hot glue has low, high and adjustable temperatures that can be used. does a great job of breaking down how to use glue gun sticks with fabric.

    Small sewing kit including white and black thread.
  • Small Sewing Kit.  When you run into a problem with your seams a small sewing kit will save your cosplay life.  The bare minimum you need in the small kit is scissors, thread and needles.  Just refold that hem, place that seam together and sew along the line and you’re good to rock some more convention floor!
  • Wrinkle Release Spray.  Packing can wrinkle your cosplay, using wrinkle release spray can solve all your problems!  You spray it on the wrinkled part, pull and smooth out the wrinkles.  This is a good quick fix if you don’t have time for ironing.
  • Stain Remover Pen.  Things happen.  It’s not your fault but it does happen.  A stain remover pen will solve a lot of cosplay stain mishaps and will make most sadness at getting a stain on your beloved cosplay go away.

Your Cosplay Repair Kit will be an evolving kit.  You’ll find what you need for yours.  Share in the comments what’s in your Cosplay Repair Kit!

The Cosplay Mooch’s Cosplay Repair Kit, a fuller kit to look at.

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