Two First Convention Tips of High Importance

When I went to Anime North for the first time I was not as prepared as I should have been. I got a really bad sunburn and nearly dehydrated myself. In my excitement, I did not realize that these were certain things I should have thought of before donning my cosplay and taking on the convention. I hope these tips prove helpful to even one person.


Do not underestimate the sun.  I did and as you can see in the picture the sun won.  Sunburns are caused by the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and can lead to things like skin cancer.   UVA and UVB rays affect the skin in different ways.  UVA penetrates the dermis layer of the skin while UVB penetrates the epidermis.  If you’re in a cosplay that shows a little skin you should consider wearing sunscreen.

If you do end up sunburned it’s best to treat it quickly with things like Aloe Vera.  There are plenty of home remedies you treat a sunburn, like pressing cool compresses to the affected parts of the skin.  If you’d like other options are 25 Home Remedies.


Conventions are long days and long nights.  While you can drink things like pop, energy drinks and sports drinks you should also consider water among your liquid consumption.  I personally drink more water than anything and find it keeps me going longer.

With all the walking dehydration becomes a risk, especially in the heat.  Dehydration happens when the body has lost a lot of water.  The best way to cure dehydration is prevention.  Luckily conventions have started having water stations for people to get a drink.  Or fill up a water bottle.  If it’s too late for prevention start drinking plain water. Your body will need it to get it’s levels back up.

I hope with these tips you’ll be a happy and healthy convention goer!

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One thought on “Two First Convention Tips of High Importance

  1. I’ve actually been thinking of going to a convention recently, as I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and LOTR, so thank you for the advice Cass. Wondering, are you able to bring your own water bottles in to most conventions, or do they make you buy bottled?

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