Convention Etiquette

You’ve got your cosplay, you’ve chosen your convention but did you know there are some unwritten rules for convention going? A convention etiquette if you will.

Myself with four friends after asking them all to take a photo with me.

I know that some of these rules will seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how they can be easily broken.

These are just as important to new convention-goers as they are experienced ones.

  1. Hygiene. This is not just because no one wants to stand by someone stinky. It’s also for your own personal healthCon-Plague (which is catching a cold at a convention) is a real threat.  By washing your hands, showering and otherwise taking care of yourself you’ll be better able to avoid the con-plague.  You’ll also be thanked by your fellow convention-goers.
  2. Ask Permission. It’s only polite to ask permission. Cosplay does not equal consent.  If you’d like a picture of a cosplayer just ask them.  Cosplayers are all nice and when asked for a picture we are more than happy to accommodate.  And if we say no? Just leave it at that.
  3. Be Polite. This is simple, be polite to your fellow convention-goers. More importantly, be polite to the convention staff and volunteers.  The staff worked long hours to make the convention possible.  Without the volunteers, the convention wouldn’t be as fun as it is.  They do so much, thank them if you see them it’ll mean the world to them.
  4. Have fun! This is the most important rule. Be yourself, see some amazing cosplays, attend panels, play games and make friends.  Conventions at their heart are fun so you should always make sure to have fun!

There are many other rules that you’ll find, some are generic, some are convention specific.  The fun is learning.

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32 thoughts on “Convention Etiquette

  1. Great post Cassy! I have not yet been to a convention, but I have been so some other festivals. Etiquette is huge and something that most people don’t even realize until they are there. These tips are great to ensure that, your last tip- to have fun, is achieved.

    1. I didn’t realize at first either, but after attending I’ve come to understand a lot more so if I can help people understand this before they go, they will have much more fun!

  2. Hi Cassie! I love this post. I think it’s important that people understand etiquette when attending events with a lot of people. It find it disheartening when I go to a concert or festival and see other attendees disrespecting the volunteers, staff or general rules. Hopefully people who stumble across this post will keep these tips in mind the next time they attend a similar event!

    1. Hi Celia! It’s very important to me for people to understand that the volunteers and staff are human too and that rules are put there for our safety. I hope for that too!

  3. Great blog Cassie, these are definitely some helpful tips. I love that you have taken something you are so passionate about and turned it into a blog! Can’t wait to read next weeks post

    1. Hand sanitizer. A LOT of it. Hand washing is also a huge thing to do. The rest is to just pray. It can happen still with taking every precaution you possibly can. But you’re less likely to with the steps provided. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  4. I’ve read a lot on the “Cosplay is NOT Consent” movement and was shocked to see how prevalent abuse is at these conventions. I would love to have a chat about this more! It’s important for people to have these difficult conversations, it’s easy to ASSume.

    1. I’m more than willing to have a discussion about Cosplay Does NOT Equal Consent as it’s a huge and relevant issue still. I love this comment. 🙂

  5. It is a very unique blog Cassie! It is so obvious that you know what you are writing about and you love it. Keep it up, I am looking forward to reading more.

  6. Yes to all of this, am always surprised on what some people try and pass as hygienic. A very easy read, however at the same time one that anyone attending a convention needs to follow.

  7. Love this post! Especially the part about hygiene! I have been in some crowded places next to some “stinky” people and I have to say it is not pleasant.

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